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Saturday, March 21, 2009
World Forestry Day 2009

It was a day filled with hopes and great spirit, all with one plant more trees and make earth a better place for everyone and all living things.

On the unveiled signboard, we have on the photo our youngest tree planter, Alya Husna Ahmad Zuraidi, who is seven years old. She has sacrificed her weekends and preferred to join her sisters....Siti Hani and Siti Hajar and parents, planting trees and a great job she did!

This is her third time planting trees at the Hutan Simpan Raja Musa in Batang Berjuntai. Hutan Simpan Raja Musa is a peat forest (hutan paya gambut) which stores large amounts of carbon.

If destroyed and dries up, large amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide will escape into our air, thus the rise in air temperature leading to global warming. We need oxygen, not more carbon dioxide.

Alya Husna, the youngest tree planter so happy with Matthias Gelber, the greenest person on the planet.

Alya Husna understands the importance of you?

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fawghah said...

Nice one Husna! Keep up the good job!! ;)
March 23, 2009 8:11 AM

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